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Oggi VMware ha annunciato la nuova versione del pacchetto View (benché prodotto poi sarà realmente disponibile nel più avanti nel corso del Q2 2012 ). Vi sono numerose nuove funzionalità e diversi miglioramenti (ad esempio lato storage). Curioso che in questo momento non sono elencate alcune novità presenti nella beta (o saranno svelati con nuovi articoli o semplicemente saranno rimandati… per ora meglio che non dica nulla per non infrangere eventuali NDA).

Ma ancora più interessante è l’intera suite di prodotti nati a corredo e complemento di View:

  • VMware vCenter™ Operations for VMware View: Cloud Infrastructure Insight – To be offered as a new add-on to VMware View, VMware vCenter Operations for VMware View will enable administrators to have broad insight into desktop performance, quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot issues, optimize resource utilization, and proactively address potential issues in real time.
  • VMware Horizon Application Manager™: Your Personal Cloud Broker –To be offered as an on-premise virtual appliance, VMware Horizon Application Manager™ 1.5 is a centralized policy and entitlement engine that will broker user access to applications, virtual desktops and data resources. Integrating the application virtualization capabilities of VMware ThinApp®, the VMware Horizon Application Catalog will benefit both IT and end users by consolidating diverse application types into a single, unified catalog. In addition, the VMware Horizon Workspace delivers a simple, seamless end-user experience when accessing work resources across private and public clouds on whatever device a user chooses. Additional information can be found in the VMware Horizon Application Manager media backgrounder.
  • VMware Project Octopus: Your Personal Data Cloud –Available later this quarter as a beta for qualified customer trials, VMware Project Octopus will enable IT organizations to provide employees with an easy and secure way to share data and collaborate with anyone from any device. Deployed on-premise or accessed via a VMware service provider, VMware Project Octopus will provide the ability for IT administrators to govern usage and set policies for data access and sharing within their organization or with external contributors. Additional information can be found in the VMware Project Octopus media backgrounder.
  • VMware Personal Cloud Applications: Share More, Send Less – Composed of VMware Zimbra® and VMware Socialcast®, VMware cloud applications connect employees to the knowledge, ideas, and resources they need to work smarter. As part of today’s announcement, VMware Zimbra 7.2 will support Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) for government deployments requiring encryption. Additional information can be found on the VMware Zimbra 7.2 data sheet.

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