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Altaro (a company with an interesting backup solution both for VMware and Hyper-V) has recently published a short interview with 9 vExpert on their views on VMware VSAN and Hyper-Convergence solutions.

Hyper-Convergence is the concept of putting storage and compute within the same chassis, with the idea that scale-out storage and computing will be much simpler. There are many companies that are starting to delve into this space, such as VMware with VSAN, Nutanix (one of the pioneer of this kind of approach), and now also Microsoft with Storage Spaces Direct.

As everyone is starting to develop their own Hyper-Converged solution, does that mean the industry is finally ready to adopt this technology en masse, instead of the niche adoption we’ve seen thus far?

I also took part at the interview and this is my point of view:

Andrea Mauro

“Sure, hyper-converged solutions are becoming more and more common not only in 2nd tiers, but also in business critical applications (see, for example, recent certification of Oracle or SAP).
Anyway I don’t consider this trend as a “killer application”, because “centralized storage” will remain, mostly becoming AFA (or, at least, hybrid) and more VM centric (for this Virtual Volumes, when it becomes more mature, will be a good driver, in the VMware ecosystem). For Business the primary benefit is related to the “building block” approach: the predictability of workload capacity and performance (that can simplify the design), but also the speed and the simplicity of the deployment phase.”

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